Due to the ever-changing landscape of chemical engineering, we constantly strive hard to ensure that our graduates have the following four attributes:

- Ability to demonstrate sound knowledge and high level of competency;
- Ability to function effectively at various capacities in a multidisciplinary environment;
- Updated knowledge on the state-of-the-art technologies and responsiveness to contemporary issues;
- Adaptability to the changing needs of the local and global industries.

Build capacity to give students a high quality (world class) education.

These four attributes have become the guiding principles for developing future directions of this faculty. Looking back at our achievements over the years, I am indeed very satisfied with the level of dedication, innovation and strength shown by our students, staff and faculty members. As the Dean, I am committed to ensuring that we shall continue to progress further, and fostering an environment where the faculty itself will continue to achieve our shared goals of being a preferred institution for students to study, for researchers to conduct research and also a workplace of choice for staff to work. Undeniably, we may face some challenges; nevertheless, I believe that it is possible to turn challenges into opportunities which should be seized and not feared in surpassing the hurdles. With the support of senior administration, and the perseverance of our students, staff and faculty, we have all what is needed to move forward and become one of the best engineering schools in the nation.
Last but not least, I hope you find this portal informative and useful. On behalf of the faculty, I would like to thank you for visiting our portal. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you and also hearing from you.